Redington, Barron, Burmeister and special guest speaker, Jerry Vanek, DVM

We set the bar high the first year with Lance and his wife, Tonya. Cleared the bar the second year with Dee Dee, Ryan and Jason. The excitement continues...

Meet the Mushers ~ Where mushers come together in spirit, dog talk and forge friendships as tough as steel. Four days. Three nights. Memories to last a lifetime.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

You tell me...who for 2010?

O.K. folks...who would you like to see at the 2010 Meet the Mushers?

First it was Lance and his wife, Tonya.  Talk about setting the bar high!

Then the trio came into town.  Dee Dee, Ryan and Jason!

An amazing time was had by all who attended and talked dogs~!

Local Musher, Larry Fortier

His wife, Joann, also an avid musher.

Musher, Tim Dewey, our sound expert!

Musher, Bruce Magnusson and Jason discussing strategy perhaps...

Musher, Whitney Warren

We're excited to present the 3rd Annual Meet the Mushers Rustic Retreat on August 6,7, 8, 9, ~ 2010.

Will you be there?