Redington, Barron, Burmeister and special guest speaker, Jerry Vanek, DVM

We set the bar high the first year with Lance and his wife, Tonya. Cleared the bar the second year with Dee Dee, Ryan and Jason. The excitement continues...

Meet the Mushers ~ Where mushers come together in spirit, dog talk and forge friendships as tough as steel. Four days. Three nights. Memories to last a lifetime.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Canceled due to lack of interest

The 2010 Meet the Mushers has been canceled due to low attendance.

We would like to thank everyone involved, currently and in previous years, for the wonderful friendships, generosity and grace shown to us. Here’s a short list of the folks who donated their time, resources, and talent to provide the attendee with an amazing experience.

Wiggy’s, Becky Bristow (Wild Soul Creations), Fog Tech, Ah-Regah, Alice Yax, Brad and Sharon Love, Louise Russell/Dog, Cadillac Custom Tack, Donna Quante (Husky Productions), Dr. Tim’s Pet Food Company, Jay’s Sporting Goods, Lee and Claudia Nowak, Jeff King/Carrie Skinner, Ken Anderson, Jim Warren, June Price, Karla and Danny Dann, Mandy Palmer of Pawsh Companions, Mackinaw Mush, Michelle Martin-Germinder, Amy at Mountain Ridge, Ellen Southern, Mushing Magazine, Helen and Mark Hegener of Northern Light Media, Jim @ Northern Outfitters, Pastor Bruce, The Fink Family (John/Kim/Aly/Justin/Andrea/Josh), Clyde and Pat Risdon, Mancelona Do-It-Best Hardware, Into Focus Communications, Judy and Steve at Sled Dog Central, The Tim & Gena Dewey Family, Joe Gutowski, Linda Lange, Derrer Oil, Joann and Larry Fortier, "Uncle Jeff" and Robin, Billie Sherriff, Pat & Deb Crouch (w/ Bit and Blaze), Sue Bernecker (Russ’ Mom), Amy (the cook) Breakey/Jordan/LuLu and Ryan, Francie Dorman, Pastor Andrew, Singers ~ Ann and Will Rowland, Canada Goose, Mountain Ridge, Critterwoods, Redpaw, Winterdance Dogsled Tours, Michigan Dog Driver’s Association (MiDD), M.U.S.H., Sportmix, Kelsey Drew, Ryan Harcourt, Avery’s Restaurant, Nature’s Kennel, Colton Drew, The Black Dog, Michelle Phillips, Nancy Sanchez, Bobbi Riley, Hobby Horse Riding Stable, Kathy and Stu Stirrett, Andie Westrick, Joy Cowles, and so on…

We would also like to thank those of you, many who were strangers, (Laura the Teacher, Linda and Cristin…the list is long…) who attended our premiere event and stepped out in faith, right along with us, to see this dream for northern Michigan come true.

And finally, the mushers and adventurers. Lance and Tonya Mackey, rookie hopeful ~ Tim Riley, Dee Dee Jonrowe, Ryan Redington, Jason Barron, Aaron Burmeister, and Dr. Jerry Vanek. I assume it wasn’t as big a stretch on your part, as you are always excited to see what’s around the next corner.

Since they won’t be coming this year, please continue to support these amazing mushers/fathers/husbands/healers ~ Ryan, Jason, Aaron, and Dr. Vanek in their endeavors, in the coming months and years.

Thank you for embracing our vision...and God Bless ~

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